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OK scientific solved contribute to the IT Security concept of Gooken in conjunction with timeless independancy from computer-systems

OKGooken provides 1000% IT-security: Just follow these green hooks!

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Photo: Gooken-Webcrawler out of the comfortable Gooken-Control-Center out of the menu items "edit or delete URLs, charts, crawler, verify URLs, field-correcture, protection and logout", programmed and © by Gooken. From this time when making the snapshot, using the manual- and auto-mode of the webcrawler, the amount of Gooken´s stored records increased from around 60.000 to more than 200.000. As shown, many options are included, while an infinite amount is still thinkable (if you tell us, which...). Although the webcrawler can be used 24 hours day by day, Gooken uses its manual- and auto-mode (with actual up to around 150 new records per second) actually only from time to time.

OK Surfing with the anonymous ssl-proxy of Gooken

ISO CentOS 6.8 (el6)

Nearby Countries

Scientificlinux 6 (CentOS 6) el6: el6.1 - el6.9 [DIR] 6.0/ 03-Mar-2011 10:23 -
[DIR] 6.1/ 28-Jul-2011 11:18-
[DIR] 6.2/ 07-Feb-2012 14:00
[DIR] 6.3/ 26-Jul-2012 09:10
[DIR] 6.4/ 25-Mar-2013 11:35
[DIR] 6.5/ 22-Jan-2014 11:10
[DIR] 6.6/ 06-Nov-2014 09:49
[DIR] 6.7/ 20-Aug-2015 10:36
[DIR] 6.8/ 08-Jul-2016 16:33
[DIR] 6.9/ 11-Apr-2017 9:30
[DIR] 6/ 15-Jul-2016 09:49
[DIR] 6rolling/ 18-Dec-2013 15:56
[DIR] 6x/ 15-Jul-2016 09:49

OK OKDaily udpates for Fedora, CentOS (el6, el7), RedHat (el6, el7), SuSE, slackware and more:

Update-Sources for mdv and many other distributions: Enterprise Linux (el6), ROSA (rosa2014.1) and more

Fedora Rawhide (fc26)

Fedora 25

Fedora 25 updates

Fedora 24 updates

Fedora 23 updates


PCLinuxOS2017 (pclos2017)

Slackware64-14.2 (many actual updates for el6)







Welcome to ELRepo, an RPM repository for Enterprise Linux packages. ELRepo supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and its derivatives (Scientific Linux, CentOS &others). The ELRepo Project focuses on hardware related packages to enhance your experience with Enterprise Linux. This includes filesystem drivers, graphics drivers, network drivers, sound drivers, webcam and video drivers.

Sourceforge by


PCLinuxOS 2017 on

PCLinuxOS 2017 on

Various Linux-Distributions on

rosa2018.1 MAIN - repository - updates (up to now)

rosa2018.1 MAIN - contrib - updates (up to now)

rosa2016.1 MAIN - repository - updates (up to now)

rosa2016.1 MAIN - contrib - updates (up to now)

rosa2014.1 MAIN - repository - updates (up to now)

rosa2014.1 MAIN - contrib - updates (up to now)

rosa2014.1 MAIN - repository release

rosa2012.1 MAIN -repository updates ("mdv2012.1") rosa2014.1 - CONTRIB repository updates ("mdv2012.1")

Mandriva devel cooker (Mandriva 2012)

Mandriva 2011

Mandriva 2010.1

Mandriva 2010.0

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_9 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_8 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_7 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_6 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_5 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_4 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_3 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_2 (el6)

ISOs Scientific Linux sc6_1 (el6)

Updates Scientificlinux el6 and sl6 (RedHat) from Halifax, Aachen, RWTH Updates CentOS 6.9

Updates CentOS 6.1-6.8 (el6, 1th up to 8th revision CentOS el6 source packages)

Updates CentOS 6.7 (el6, 7th revision) - listing from form 10.11.2015,

Updates CentOS 6 (6.7, el6, 8th revision), seit 2016 Bestandteil von siehe CentOS 6.8 (1),

Updates CentOS 6 (el6.8, 8th revision), seit 2016 Bestandteil von siehe CentOS 6.8 (2),

Updates CentOS 6 (6.8, el6)

Updates CentOS 6 (6.8, el6),

EPEL (el6),

DAG packages for Red Hat Linux el6 x86_6 (el6: el6.rf),

Nux! (el6.nux)

Atrpms - sl6 (el6)- elder Updates ( except perl (el6) and atrpms (el6) and the many elder ones)

Updates Russian Fedora Free Updates (el6.R) - listing from, Our Tip: FROM el6.R take as much as you can: rpm, freetype, cairo, ..., krusader, ..., ...!

more updates CentOS 6, EPEL-6-el6-testing packages

more updates CentOS 6, zmrepo-el6- packages

atrpms el6 stable

atrpms el6 testing

RPM de Remix enterprise 6 (el6.remi)

Ghettoforge (

Cert Forensics Tools from for CENTOS 6 (el6)

EPEL 6 (el6,

NauLinux (el6)

NUX desktop (el6) -

Psychotic Ninja (el6) (el6)

University Chemnitz / Universitätsrechenzentrum Chemnitz: Repoforge (el6.rf)

Extras Packages for Enterprise Linux 6 for x86_64 - el6 - 14.486 extra packages with updates

Updates Rosa2014.1,

Updates CentOS 7,

OpenSuSE: CentOS 6


pclinuxos ( pclos, eventually for el6, el7 too)


Gentoo Security Updates List: GLSA from


... for creating "Universal-Linux", from Gooken, universal-linux.php.

OK Computer manual

Move to the always up-to-date "Universal-Linux" out of fc, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, rosa2014.1 and more with update-guarantee from year 2010 up to 2020 and longer

Actual Konqueror-Update (el6, around 25 MB, 11.05.2016) packed by Gooken

Konqueror: effective ad-blocking-list for adblocker like ublock-origin, ABP and especially into the already integrated adblocker of konqueror / hochwirksame Liste für den Import in adblocker wie ublock-origin, ABP (AdblockPlus) und insbesonders in den in Konqueror bereits fest integrierten Werbefilter (rpm konq-plugins bzw.konqueror-plugins ) von Gooken / adblocker list (most effective) for the import into Konqueror´s adblocker by Gooken: please click here. / Importierbare Blockliste für den in Konqueror integrierten Werberfilter von Gooken, hier klicken! Weitere Elemente lassen sich beim Konqueror jederzeit online (auch direkt vor Ort) mit dem Druck auf "blockierbare und geblockte Seitenbestandteile auflisten" erkenntlich machen, einfügen und aufheben.


OK Checklist


OK Short-Reference typical System-(Security-)Commands


OK Internet Search Engine (PHP, full featured) with optional metasearch support


OK Your advertisement for Gooken


OK 90012000 Mycompanies - standard (SQL-based) software for companies


Contact and Resources


OK Linfw3 - a native firewall ICSA


OK Formmailer, Forms with Email-Attachments




Rent accountings




Address book


90012004 90012000 websites, all kind of SQL through PHP (PHP-MySQL) databases and forms for your online-business (PHP, Javascript), optionally by CMS Joomla

Downloads for 10 Euro incl. dialog, pico (or nano) for Linfw3, wipe for Klean and Fckeditor for Mycompanies, please deactivate your proxies

Linfw3 and Klean are for all 32/64-bit-CPU (only for rename-manager you have to compile all c-Sources out of the SRC-package`s or tar-Archive by typing "gcc inputfilename.c -o inputfilename" on a konsole before copying them to a executable directory like /usr/bin). They were tested on different environments. For the databases freeware xampp consisting of apache webserver, PHP, SQL and PHP-MySQL is recommended.


to the downloads

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