a) Order direct access for our SSL- and/or URL-encrypted anonymous proxy (100 KB only, script by Arif). The ssl-login itself is on https://gooken.safe-ws.de. Notice the toolbar above or below for anonymizing configurations. Disable all browser plugins, the browser-chronic and reconfigure the browser-useragent by typing "about:config" followed by "general.useragent.overwrite" into the address-bar of the browser or use an adequate browser-addon for anonymizing the useragent
b) JAP (1 MB java applet) resp. JonDo (10-900 MB) with quit the same features and almost paid or some free anonymizing services

c) TOR - the anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) using the transparent SOCKS proxying library named tsocks (in 1-4 MB) together with a cacheing proxy like polipo (all available rpm from rpmfind)- d) other solutions.