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... smartphone too? (*) Miró, Joan, catalanish painter, sculptor, *1893, +1983, educational art, developed dream-paints out of phantastic forms and childish dash-dot-paintings, sculptures and cermamic wall-dekorations. Nowadays search engines help to find out Miró´s interesting old great vision called "Suneater" from the early 60th. . Beware his kind of appetite!
Who or what is Gooken? Gooken is an internet search engine to beware your privacy completely. Its text search upon many records finds (quit) all you are searching for within a short time - even persons - Gooken - meta and local databasis based search - Gooken - Kieken kost doch nix (peeking doesn´t cost)!

You are searching completely anonymously.
  • secure SSL/TLS-encryption and a Let´s-Encrypt-certifcate by the webhoster
  • Gooken does neither store your IP (identifying computer number)
  • nor the user-agent-specification of your browser,
  • nor profiles
  • nor cookies
  • nor any user data,
  • nor data is forwarded to any third parties.
  • Gooken resigns from tracking and similar scripts,
  • without redirects, linked API and special links
  • no Javascript-autocompletion
  • Gooken also resigns from personalized advertisement, advertising networks and participation in server farms
  • free from user profiles, malware and viruses
  • colored numeration, index-footer
  • search-continuation (search-forwarding) per mouse-click for more records past the last found entry
  • search time: at once, around zero seconds ( dependent on *.ini-security-configurations of the webhoster up to five seconds or less or equal timeout )
  • search results order follows mouse-clicks, same amount by date, rest (same date) arbitrary
  • 100% error-free code

©2008 by Gooken, emloyed: 1 ( that might be me ), actual location: Radevormwald, NRW, Germany

"The customer central office Nordrhein-Westfalen (VZ NRW, Germany) recommends to use the offers not collecting and evaluating user data. In order to protect additionally, user should delete cookies regularly and use different search engines. "This prevents the creation of detailed profiles about user", explains Christine Steffen from VZ NRW. Furthermore it would be better to use a search engine with the headquarter in Europe, as there are much stronger regulations for privacy and data protection."

spendGooken with online excurs "1000% IT security" is like your at times breaking full, large "China Restaurant". Sometimes we got difficulties in loading up some websites for example and payment-demands for exhausted traffic on the non-ssl-encrypting predecessor serverdrome.eu... ( 1.7 GB, 4,1 GB, ... )
Do you want the everlasting peace with your computer ( "Universal Linux", backported Fedora Core (fc): updates from year 2010-2020 with covering software (backported too) on powersaving and cheap lifetime-hardware, providing the incredible high security level) ? Contribute to Gooken for the manufacturing of the (consistent) IT-security-standard! For correspondent please click here! Contact us, mailto:info@gooken.de?subject=correspondent