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power-on-offCor blimey!
Please tell us: Where have you been ( art exhibitions ) ?
The Suneater (computer) stands right before you!
(*) Miró, Joan, catalanish painter, sculptor, *1893, +1983, educational art, developed dream-paints out of phantastic forms and childish dash-dot-paintings, sculptures and cermamic wall-dekorations. Nowadays search engines help to find out Miró´s interesting old great vision called "Suneater" (the computer) from the early 60th. . Beware his kind of appetite!
"The most famous german inventions are fun-brakes and the journey-withdrawal-insurance.", NDR talk show, cabarettist Vince Ebert, 09.12.2020
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Gooken - metaglobal !
But who or what is Gooken?
Gooken is the international TOP-10 ranked internet search engine to beware your privacy completely. Its text search upon many records finds (quit) all you are searching for within a short time - even persons - Gooken - meta and local databasis based search - Gooken - Kieken kost doch nix (peeking doesn´t cost)!

All kind of companies and instances through search engines, tracking scripts and social media like Facebook with messangers like WhatsApp, can create self-growing accounts and contacts ready for the exchange and the big deal with different interest groups regardless from the security-level of computer-systems and the effective strength of encryption of underlaying net-connections.

With Gooken you are searching complete anonymously instead.

Gooken provides text-, image-, video-, address-, map-- and term based search. Choose the kind of search from the pull-down-menu from right above, left side.

Gooken search engine:
  • finds (quit) everything,
  • outputs immediately, within zero seconds (if the webhoster does not prevent the immediate side-wrapping by a specal PHP-security-function).
  • secure SSL/TLS-encryption and a Let´s-Encrypt-certifcate by the webhoster (might be already the newest TLS 1.3)
  • Gooken does neither store your IP (identifying computer number)
  • nor the user-agent-specification of your browser
  • nor profiles
  • nor cookies
  • nor any user data
  • nor data is forwarded to any third parties.
  • Gooken resigns from tracking and similar scripts,
  • without redirects, linked API and special link,
  • no Javascript-autocompletion.
  • Gooken also resigns from personalized advertisement, advertising networks and participation in server farms.
  • free from user profiles, malware and viruses
  • colored numeration, index-footer
  • search-continuation (search-forwarding) per mouse-click for more records past the last found entry
  • search time: at once, around zero seconds ( dependent on *.ini-security-configurations of the webhoster up to twenty seconds or less or equal timeout )
  • search results order follows mouse-clicks, same amount by date, rest (same date) arbitrary
  • 100% error-free code
Notice: At this time, the meta-search is: active (on) !

Meta-requested search-engines might not be willing to corporate all times! Maybe all Gooken intergrated ones do block by thinking of abuse. If the meta-search is inactive, Gooken seaches upon the local database only, so that not (quit) everything can be found anymore!

Gooken´s Webcrawler for enhancing its local database, that might run either in mode auto or manuel for a quit infinite long time reducing some capacities, is at this time: not active (off) !

©2008 by Gooken, emloyed: 1 ( that might be me ), actual location: Radevormwald, NRW, Germany

"The customer central office Nordrhein-Westfalen (VZ NRW, Germany) recommends to use the offers not collecting and evaluating user data. In order to protect additionally, user should delete cookies regularly and use different search engines. "This prevents the creation of detailed profiles about user", explains Christine Steffen from VZ NRW. Furthermore it would be better to use a search engine with the headquarter in Europe, as there are much stronger regulations for privacy and data protection."

The App for Gooken is obtainable directly for the smartphone too, the code consists of just the following three lines (free App-icon of your choice):

String url = "https:/gooken.safe-ws.de/gooken"
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("URL"));

Hereby, with this code, you are allowed to create such App and to offer it to download in any AppStores: Can you do this for us (resp. me, the author of Gooken)? Thanks!

For your Smartphone we´d also like to recommend the anonymizing, so called "Onion-Search-Engine", an extensive App from PlayStores to Tor, the Onion-Router.

Reach the highest IT-security level: paranoidal, but unrestrictive 1000% !
Gooken provides technical first aid, please click onto the emergency button ( image with the Suneater ) !

spendGooken together with online excurs "1000% IT security" reminds to a breaking full, thumping great "China Restaurant". Sometimes we got difficulties in loading up some websites for example and got payment-demands for exhausted traffic on the non-ssl-encrypting predecessor serverdrome.eu... ( 1.7 GB, other month: 4,1 GB, ... ).

Do you want the everlasting peace with your computer ( "Universal Linux 2010", successor of Mandrake mdk10.1 and mdk10.2 2004, full of Linux over Linux and emulators for software from other operating systems, backported by Scientific Linux 6/7 resp. CentOS 6/7 with updates (by Johnny Hughes and other ones) from year 2010-2020+ and longer, a system with surface-covering software running on powersaving, cheap and mouseclick-fast lifetime-hardware, all in all providing the incredible high security level of 1000%) ? Contribute to Gooken for the manufacturing of the (consistent) IT-security-standard! For correspondent please click here! Contact us, mailto:info@gooken.de?subject=correspondent

Spend or pay to Gooken through PayPal : Paypal.me: Please click here!