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Contacts and Ressources
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medical care HIV / Aids sexual abuse
mines/cluster bombs/Agent Orange military conflicts natural catastrophes
development trauma support from early on
autism intellectual impairment learning impairment
physiological impairment blindness hearing impairment / hardness of hearing
psychological illness first aid school education
vocational education barrier-freedom dwelling
municipality near rehabilitation clearing up / consciousness shaping organisational development
fair trade help on phone Consumer protection
Customer support Product info Company info
Online-dispatch Online-Shop Press report
Email-address Address Telefon number
Partnership relations Missing message
Vacation, journeys Automobil Internet
Babysitting Au-pair Policies
Emergency Support First aid after accident
Genealogy traffic jam Wheater forecast
Craze consultation Deal Disaster control
Conflict management Lost money card Threat
Enviromental health Test report Price comparison
Maps General supply
prevention of diseases medical supply aid against HIV
aid against sexual abuse mine clearing up mine clearing operation
help in need measures logopedy ergotherapy
physiotherapy psychotherapy educational aid
therapy against autism special therapies / trainings for sense-      damaged education before school
school education (first classes) school education high school education
literation vocational education vocation of income
infrastructural measures barriere-free communication barriere-free information
municipality near offers social offers Sport
consciousness shaping / clearing up consultation organisational development
ressource-center lobbying / political work interest agency
networking terms of trade credit programs / fonds
Target group
disabled disabled (age 0-6) disabled (age 7-16)
disabled (age 17-65) disabled (over age 67) doctors / neurologists / psychologists
educators / social worker members children / young persons
adults NGOs DPOs
orthopedy glasses / aids for blind person hearing aids
language assistance wheelchairs / driving aids going assistances
communication help
education social orthopedy
physiotherapy speech therapy ergotherapy
care psychology
Advanced Training
education social orthopedy
physiotherapy speech therapy ergotherapy
care psychology
Learning material
learning material CD-Roms Audio
Video E-learning didactical material
teaching material booklet books
ergotherpeutical material
Africa Asia
Australia Europe Latin-America
North America
flag Abchasia flag Afghanistan flag Albania flag Algera flag Andorra flag Angola
flag Antig. a. Barb. flag Äquit.-guinea flag Argentinia flag Austria flag Aserbaijan flag Australia
flag Bahamas flag Bahrain flag Bangladesh flag Barbados flag Belarus flag Belgium
flag Belize flag Benin flag Bergkarabach flag Bhutan flag Bolivia flag Bosnia-Herzeg.
flag Botswana flag Brazil flag Brunei flag Bulgaria flag Burkina Faso flag Burundi
flag Cambodia flag Cameroon flag Canada flag Cape Verde flag Centr. Afr. Rep. flag Chad
flag Chile flag China flag Cook Islands flag Costa Rica flag Cyprus flag Czech. Rep.
flag Denmark flag Dominica flag Domin. Rep. flag Djibouti flag East Timor flag Ecuador
flag Egypt flag El Salvador flag Ethiopia flag Eritrea flag Estonia flag Falkland Isl.
flag Fiji flag Finland flag France flag Gabon flag Gambia flag Germany
flag Georgia flag Ghana flag Grenada flag Greece flag Guatemala flag Guinea
flag Guinea-Bissau flag Guayana flag Haiti flag Honduras flag Hungary flag India
flag Indonesia flag Iran flag Ivory Coast flag Iraq flag Ireland flag Iceland
flag Israel flag Italy flag Jamaica flag Japan flag Jordan flag Kazakhstan
flag Kenya flag Kyrgyzstan flag Kiribati flag Columbia flag Comores flag Congo
flag Croatia flag Cuba flag Kuwait flag Laos flag Lesotho flag Latvia
flag Lebanon flag Liberia flag Libya flag Lichtenstein flag Lithuania flag Luxembourg
flag Madagascar flag Malawi flag Malaysia flag Maledives flag Mali flag Malta
flag Morocco flag Marshall Isl. flag Mauritania flag Mauritius flag Macedonia flag Mexico
flag Micronesia flag Moldova flag Monaco flag Mongolia flag Montenegro flag Mozambique
flag Myanmar flag Namibia flag Nauru flag Nepal flag New Zealand flag Nicaragua
flag Netherlands flag Niger flag Nigeria flag Northern Cyprus flag North Korea flag Norway
flag Oman flag Pakistan flag Palestine flag Palau flag Panama flag Papua New Guinea
flag Paraguay flag Peru flag Philippines flag Poland flag Portugal flag Qatar
flag Romania flag Ruanda flag Russia flag St. Kittis flag St. Lucia flag St. Vincent
flag Samoa flag San Marino flag Sao Tome a. Pr. flag Saudi Arabia flag Sweden flag Switzerland
flag Senegal flag Seychellen flag Sierra Leone flag Singapore flag Slovakia flag Slovenia
flag Somalia flag South Korea flag Spain flag Sri Lanka flag Sudan flag South Africa
flag Sri Lanka flag St. Pierre flag Suriname flag Swaziland flag Syria flag Tajikistan
flag Tansania flag Thailand flag Tibet flag Togo flag Tonga flag Trin. a. Tobago
flag Tunesia flag Turkey flag Turkmenistan flag Tuvalu flag Uganda flag Ukraine
flag Un. Arab. Em. flag United Kingdom flag United States flag Uruguay flag Usbekistan flag Vanuatu
flag Vatican flag Venezuela flag Vietnam flag Yemen
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