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"Miro? And then, pardon, educational performing arts?"

Technique develops further on, while databasis seldom shrink. They grow and grow. In portrait on Gooken.de: "Suneater" by Miro the 70th´s "

(*) Miro, Joan, catalanish painter, sculptor, *1893, +1983, educational art, developed dream-paints out of phantastic forms and childish dash-dot-paintings, sculptures and cermamic wall-dekorations. Can´t recognize this painting: "That´s a Miro? Take another picture!", meant an old friend of mine a long time ago (Christian Reimann).
Nowadays search engines help to find out Miro´s interesting old great vision called "Suneater" (computer including their memories and databasis) from the early 60th, that is presented here for his incomparable striking view broadcasted by a green dot through a blazing monitor aiming outline... . Beware his kind of appetite ... - while Gooken bewares your anonymity completely - Gooken textsearch with many records finds (quit) all you are looking for - even persons - Gooken - meta and databasis based search - Kieken kost doch nix (peeking doesn´t cost)!Text © 2008 by The Green LED, grüner gehts nicht
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grüner gehts nicht