Congratulation for choosing Gooken! You "just want to gook(en)"? Gooken finds (quit) everything, especially during a metasearch, please do not let it be the tremendous, serious hard act you might be afraid of since certain "StarWars politics" (Wikipedia) system and certain other search engines, following our reports in News&Links from Tagesschau and other news-channel! Following our name Gooken, we are also not such childless and misogynous. Gooken (a word meant similar to "look, look around", spelled [Go:ken]) is one reason not having to care about any costs for internet searches.

Gooken ( - peeking doesn´t cost ) !

trustedpath Gooken is made by Gooken (see impressum): One does not have to care about costs or anything! Privacy is bewared as much as Gooken can do.


Gooken can works local, central as much as distributed and meta.

New entries were added by metasearch, addurl, Gooken-administration-center and Gooken-Webcrawler.

You are searching complete anonymously within a very short time of around 0 seconds! Time is short because of the usage of the PHP-flush() and -ob-flush()-function built in several times to empty the flash-buffer. But the webhoster might restrict those php-functions in his php.ini for, as he told us, some security reasons. Independent from those php-buffer-functions, the search time is just equal or lower than the constant for entries shown at most each search, a small, but squared value (for the prevention of double entries) plus the amount of blanks to remove from searchengine-sites to keep consulted webseites small, a constant, that can be set, by clicking on "settings" for max. shown entries and (resp.) the timeout in sec. by default or a value, that can be set freely again. The squared constant can be reduced in most cases by a special method, so that Gooken makes a request in a few seconds in most cases, zero up to five only.

Actually, no data are stored, neither your IP nor the user-agent-specification of your browser! Gooken resigns from tracking-scripts, participating in a web-advertisement net as much as from server-farms and so on!

Whenever the international search engine starts to search not only upon its own database but also meta, your IP and DNS are not forwarded to other server by the search-query anonymizing exchange of your IP with the IP and DNS of Gooken. The metasearch itself follows the SSL-encryption as far as supported by the queried search-engine. Even the image- and video-files including the hyperlinks received from meta queried searchengines are not stored. All websites can be opened anonymously.
Maybe we move over to our own server in future...

echo "Gooken does not store any user-data, and user-data are not forwarded to third parties.
Gooken is placed on one or some server only, in most cases maybe one, instead of distributing upon hugh server-farms. But there are only 1 MB needed for 10.000 indexed records (actual amount see adjust-section). In furter comparison with many other search engines, Gooken lists first hits out of the database quit immediately, that means rather at once, before hits of metasearches follow sucessively, nevertheless indexed by foot-indices. Only image-search can cause delays for indexing images from their original sources. You can download its source code from Gooken. Gooken enables you to encrypt your search-queries ssl for text-, image-, video-, directory- as much as address-search by typing


into the adress line of your browser or click onto this link. Cookies themselves are not set. We recommend this version!

So all in all, Gooken belongs to the most secure search engines!

Browser-integrated search by Gooken-Searchplugin (xml): Gooken-Browser-Searchplugin can be stored within the directory named "searchplugins" below the default-profile-direcotry ( for example, you can save this xml for Firefox under Linux within /home/surfuser/.mozilla/firefox/default-or-standard-profile-directory/searchplugins/)

The search-algorithm works not only upon keywords and side-description but also all other fields within section addurl. Placing follows our principals for ads, the amount of clicks and the amount of visible presentations in the case of the same amount of clicks and not by any manipulation! Gooken is able to run on one server only as much as parallel and distributed on more than one server. So get part in your distributed Gooken-network. You can integrate Gooken into your menu resp. websides directly. If you also should have installed our search engine, resulting distributed SQL-databases can learn from each other by exchanging their information from all over the net! To achieve this, you just have to add one more "Gooken" to your meta-seachengines and choose the meta-search-engines in the section for the settings from the other side, if your database consists of at least 300.000 indices, although Gooken can not give you any gurantee for functionality!

Of cource, Gooken can (because of shipping method "GET") also be integrated by resp. queried from any other (or foreign) meta-searchengines by using the certain one search-parameter from the browser-addressline.
The local SQL-database can grow also by this and not only by search requests entered into its text-input-field or Gooken-webcrawler.

PHP-MySQL based Gooken (original-code by © see under impressum, all rights reserved), seized by 1,3 MiB zip- and rpm-archive only, can work decentral, central, local or be provided by webhoster, as much meta-searching as upon local databases or both like here. For we authorized normed search engine code, metasearch almost remains independent from technical changes of the queried search engines. So the time for maintenance is kept at min and any search engine of the world can be queried by Gooken´s metasearch within some minutes configuration time only.

Please begin to type in any search-query and see, that Gooken almost finds everything you search for! Most wanted records are placed on top, while those without reference are not listed! Generally, Gooken stores all your requests including the IP into the SQL-database section Search-invalid-entries from where administration is possible, but still is kept away from that by another special pre-configuration.

Please notice, that this search-engine does not refer to the main theme of Gooken only. You can suggest Gooken any kind of hyperlinks (URL) of all categories regardless from topic and theme! URL are added in two steps. For the first one, you just have to enter the URL and the anti-spam code. Now you have to wait some time until your URL is stored into our database. If you are no longer willing to wait or to enter your address-data, especially if you do not agree, that your address is stored for Gooken's address-search, you should not fill out the mask in the next (second) step. In this case, the first step suffers your needs! After this, both, your URL and your address data are stored into the database of Gooken immediately (without any time to wait). Now Gooken always bewares the right to delete any kind of records. Actually Gooken is configured to resign from diplaying the forward in the status line of the browser to the search engine itself as usual, but directly to the URL of the webside, that is built up after a click.

Gooken does not have much need for maintanence. Have a look onto the following image: A special mechanism protects Gooken against kinds of abuse. It may happen, that you are put into the blacklist to get blocked a certain time, what is marked in the yellow color, while more serious attacks might be blocked forever marked in red color. In this case, you can contact us to get resolved, what is marked in the green color. In its control-center, components like webcrawler, chart, intrusion protection and url-validation care for the database.

Gooken © by Gooken reserves all rights - no bad duplication, performance, transmission, no extraction of passages from the source code without explicit permission from Gooken! Gooken supports your echo "adlinks top positioned for at least one year. The other listed records are ordered by clicks and date and not any more criteria! Gooken does not influence their order in any way.

echo "You can get more information about Gooken from impressum section of Gooken.

For questions referring to this side for data protection, your content removal requests resp. reclaims of spam abuse as much as for the need of a brief restore of the database, please email the webmaster.

Please notice, that we do not adhere and guarantee for the webhoster and technical changes searchengines queried through meta-search and all includes: disclaimer
Gooken addurl: child pornograhical material is not allowed!
Press reports should be in accordance with the facts.
Otherwise prosecution by law against it might be the consequence.