1) Allowed and not allowed chars: Gooken accepts words in all kinds of languages like english, french, italian, swedish and german language, but, for more security of requested search-engines, doesn´t search meta, if the query does not contain any vowel out of "a", "e", "i", "o", "u", "A", "E", ..., "ø", ... and so on.

Gooken does not allow all thinkable or possible characters as input, no semicolons, colons and points, neither "#" nor numbers in input-fields for names/authors and some more characters, while french é" is allowed for example, not all special chars of all kind of languages are allowed too.

2) Word concatenation: For building search queries in globstyle please notice, that an asymmetric AND is expressed by blank, although "%" is just one more wildcard for the common wildcard "*". Therefore this AND between up to seven pregiven words stands for all the words between them. This convention for building queries is taken from SQL, the Standard Query Language. For example, if you are looking for a person named by forename AND lastname, you should just type

"forename lastname"

within your search query. Here the blank is the common separator. Gooken recommends this one. Alternatively use

"%" for "*", referring to none or more chars, the asymmetric AND,
"_" for "?", that means one char.

To avoid abuse and errors on integrated Meta-search-engines, it is recommended to use especially the blanked char (that is almost transformed by Gooken to the char for plus "+".

3) Computer mouse: Open listed websites by clicking the

left mouse button (right-hander): opens in the actual tab (within Gooken´s actual window )
middle mouse button (recommended): opens in a new tab (within the actual window)

Please configure your browser for these mouseclick-behaviors, if you use a computer-mouse, as these mouse usages are for all websites the quit recommended (comfortable) ones!